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    Forum moderator: SucceededKiller  
    Forum » BAS clan » General chat » Stuff I have wrote (In here you will find a collection of things I have wrote.)
    Stuff I have wrote
    SucceededKillerDate: Monday, 2009-11-23, 9:10 PM | Message # 1
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
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    It is 10 O'clock, the sun is up
    guns start firing, yours is stuck.
    When the trigger is pulled you expect a shot,
    you get nothing. Just the barrel is hot.
    Open the gun, search for the jam
    you see the problem, it must be rammed.
    Now it is fixed, your ready to shoot
    align your cross hairs, hit the mans boot.
    The man falls down, mud in his face
    you go to shoot again, here come the chase.
    Your men run down, they know it's never too late
    machine guns drawn, it's the enemies fate.
    The gun is cocked, finger on the trigger
    as the barrel smokes you add on the figures.
    Men falling down, it's part of your mission
    to protect Britain you must first listen.

    SucceededKillerDate: Sunday, 2010-01-24, 8:45 PM | Message # 2
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
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    Status: Offline
    It's late at night
    The war has just started
    You know you must fight
    Your movements are charted.
    Now you must wait
    but violence is near
    you look at you mate
    He's trembling with fear.
    You try to comfort him
    It is no use
    You call over Jim
    He comes with his goose.
    He has always had it
    Since the start of the war
    It seemed to come with his kit
    Alas, it's no more.
    There must be a sniper
    Out there in the trees
    Put away your lighter
    The captains been shot in the knees.
    Now for retaliation
    To get our revenge
    You fight anticipation
    When will we avenge.
    We all cock our guns
    Line up the sights
    Listen to the captains
    Turn off the lights.
    You see them charging
    Finger on the trigger
    the smoke causes choking
    The amount of them gets bigger.
    The soldiers fall down
    Most of them dying
    More than your town
    Their bodies are flying.
    The shells fly past
    You see the explosion
    Time to act fast
    use vigorous motions.
    Your friend is out there
    Hiding in the grass
    Time to save him,
    Let his life last.

    SucceededKillerDate: Sunday, 2010-01-24, 8:52 PM | Message # 3
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    My life is ending,
    what shall I do?
    I need some support,
    I'm looking at you.
    You are my lifeline,
    You keep me alive,
    Always thinking of you
    before I die
    Without your belief there I can't carry on
    I would end my life early, the pain would be gone
    But with you in my heart it can be resisted
    The pain I feel, just like a pin prick
    Our love numbs the pain and so I live on
    A few more days, with you, my love.

    SucceededKillerDate: Sunday, 2010-01-24, 9:08 PM | Message # 4
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
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    Status: Offline
    Here is another thing I wrote with the help of a friend that i never finished but it makes sense so far. Also it is a download as writing it on the forum would take too much space. Zombie

    SucceededKillerDate: Sunday, 2010-01-24, 9:20 PM | Message # 5
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    We fight wars for the greater good,
    People die because we misunderstood
    Exactly why we went to war
    The CIA stood outside you door.
    Collecting evidence from your surroundings,
    not even realising your neighbour is drowning.
    They are not sure what they should do,
    Should they arrest or interrogate you?
    They sit in their car, you never notice
    A black sedan, the inhabitants watching.
    They call for backup and so it comes,
    your front door knocked down, you try to run
    your not fast enough you end up handcuffed.
    Now they have captured you it's off to the station,
    a quick interrogation, torture and payment.
    They offer you money to give up your source,
    they even decide to use non-lethal force,
    You keep your mouth shut, they are not told,
    they start to get angry, their patience unfolds.
    You get locked in a cell, your left there for days,
    the door only opens for food drink and ale.
    They think when your drunk that you will give up
    they are mistaken, the truth wont be told.
    Your source is kept secret, they try to help you,
    your trust in them kees you going, the same for them too.
    You believe they will save you, it might be too late,
    The coroner arrives, it ight just be bait,
    A way to shock you, to force you to tell,
    you are not worried, it does not scare you.
    Death is a welcoming thought as then no-one knows,
    your employer kept secret, more damage can be caused,
    the CIA building razed to the floor,
    the occupants dead, they are no more.
    Just a single gravestone to mark deaths door.

    SucceededKillerDate: Tuesday, 2010-03-02, 3:59 PM | Message # 6
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    When you go out just think one thing,
    Think about your life, how great it is
    Remember those people in other countries
    Suffering and dying while you roam free
    You could help them, you could donate money
    You could save someones life, people dying aint funny
    Earthquakes in Haiti and also in Chile
    Poverty in Africa, Tsunami in hawaii
    All these disasters and we can help them
    Instead we stay home, tucked in our beds
    In countries like England, Finland and Spain
    America, Sweden, Italy the same
    We have no disasters and yet we do nothing
    We think as were big countries we cant be punished

    I dont think i have finished this.

    SucceededKillerDate: Tuesday, 2010-03-02, 4:09 PM | Message # 7
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    We are all here but we sit and wait,
    Hope someone else suffers their fate,
    For some people though it is not their time
    They are neglected, we ignore the signs,
    We could save them, let them live longer
    Instead we abandon them, and then they die
    Some deaths are painful, but we all lie
    We could make their life better, improve it forever
    Not just stop war and the slaughter they suffer
    But stop rebels recruiting kids and making them fight
    They are too young to comprehend all they can see
    Suffering from the past after their 3
    They re-live the crimes they have committed
    Seeing their friends die and enemies tortured
    But it is not their choice they need work and money
    Their parents are threatened, to the rebels it’s funny.

    I could not read what i wrote for this one so i typed i up as best i could and tried to make it make sense at the same time as keeping it the same but as you can see it didnt work well, however i thought i would post it here still and maybe i can get it sorted out soon.

    SucceededKillerDate: Wednesday, 2010-03-03, 10:14 AM | Message # 8
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    You’re looking around and wondering why,
    Why you have a feeling of guilt inside.
    Well I can tell you if you want to know why
    It’s because you’re not helping, leaving others to die.
    They need your help and yet you do nothing
    You’re sat at home while others are suffering.
    They are dying day by day
    You can stop them passing away.
    Just give them some food, money or drink
    They will be grateful to know that you think.
    It does not take much to help someone out
    It does not even need you to shout.
    You can donate to charity or send off a package
    You could go to the country and see what it’s lacking.
    If they need your help then why don’t you go?
    Don’t make excuses like “There’s too much snow”.
    We know the truth and it will be exposed
    Your true reason of laziness will be disclosed
    They don’t ask for much but a helping hand
    One you could give from your sympathy gland.
    And if the same was to happen to you
    They would rush to your aid, the moment they knew.

    SucceededKillerDate: Wednesday, 2010-09-08, 8:00 PM | Message # 9
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    I’m living my life and I don’t know why
    I don’t know why I must suffer when I could just die
    The world moves around me and yet I don’t move
    Times going on but for me it’s stood still
    The world is a bad place it makes me feel ill
    To see all those people, the unfortunate few
    Struggling to live, to get work and food
    Yet we are onlookers who don’t know what to do
    I see a young man, sat on the street
    People walk past and kick his feet
    You just look on, what can you do?
    This one good deed won’t help improve you
    Then you look at your past, and you see what you’ve done
    You’ve travelled the world and you’ve owned a gun
    You picture that day when you were stood in the street
    A young woman trapped, swept off her feet
    A man looming over her, he offers a hand
    He then takes it away and you get mad
    You take out your gun and shoot at the man
    He falls to the floor, blood on his hand
    You stand there and stare at what you’ve just done
    You look on in horror as those around you run
    You have helped someone else but for that you are punished
    As saving a life means you must start running
    The police will come for you because you helped that young girl.
    Back to the present and you’re no longer stood there
    You’re lying on the floor but nobody cares
    They just walk past you or stand on your head
    They couldn’t care less if you’re living or dead
    You’re but an obstacle that must be surpassed.
    You start to hear sirens as you try and get up
    Its then that you see the bellowing smoke
    You know there’s a fire when you start to choke
    But that’s all you need to open your eyes
    You look in the distance but there is no sky
    The smoke from the building has risen so high
    The skies like an ash cloud and it’s determined to stay
    Efforts by fire fighters can’t get in contained
    You then look at the floor, it’s a horrible sight
    Dead bodies everywhere some impaled on spikes
    You ask if you can help but a man turns you down
    You ask him what happens but he just turns round
    You feel insulted but you understand why
    It seems likes a terrorist has just ruined some lives
    People like this you just can’t understand
    Why would you kill others when you know you will die?
    You look at the faces of the recent deceased
    You’re shocked when you see all their injuries
    You start to feel lucky that you are alive
    That you’re not a number, that you haven’t died.
    You ring up your parents, you hope they are fine
    there is no responce, you look for a sign
    its then that you hear that unmistakeable noise
    your mothers phone ringing and a shuffling noise
    you look to the source and thats when you see
    your mother and father unable to breath
    you rush over to help them but it looks like its too late
    a paramedic comes over and tells you their fate
    they were crossing the street when the car came past
    it blew up just past them but that was not too far
    You want revenge, you want to make them pay
    but the fact that the were suicide bombers means now its too late

    Currently unfinished smile But thought id let you guys see it so far

    SucceededKillerDate: Wednesday, 2010-09-08, 8:01 PM | Message # 10
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    I have a story im willing to tell
    To inform you all of my path through hell
    its not that bad but it also isnt great
    But we can all change that, its never too late.
    I live in Reading its a bad place to be
    Worse in the developed countries to have a family
    If you were to visit you would probably see
    why Reading is portrayed so negatively.
    There is car crime, knife crime and suicide too
    these are but a few problems affecting an unfortunate few
    People lose their lives whether its their choice or not
    they may get run over or suffer a fatal shot.
    We should be improving but i fear we are not
    I open the newspaper to see a womans been shot
    It was her husband on a drink fuelled rage
    he grabbed his shotgun and it made front-page.
    When you go outside you must be careful
    the person behind could go mental
    he may have a knife or even a gun
    fear for your life if he starts to run.

    Also unfinished for now smile (i think tongue )

    SucceededKillerDate: Wednesday, 2010-09-08, 8:01 PM | Message # 11
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    I'm living my life but I dont know why
    Why am i here when i could just die
    Why do i have all these different feelings
    When did i decide my life was worth living?
    I've gone through alot but ive never changed
    People have died and ive stayed the same
    I've lost friends but ive never cared
    Am i really sure that i even knew them?
    I've met new people to whom ive never speaked
    I've met new people who felt sorry for me
    They say they worry when i speak of dying
    But when i look back were they even trying?
    They say I shouldnt think of all these things
    They say I shouldnt decide that I should not live
    but why does my life matter to them
    the've never met me and ive never met them.

    And another currently unfinished biggrin

    SucceededKillerDate: Friday, 2011-01-07, 1:36 PM | Message # 12
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
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    Status: Offline
    I've been living my life and now i can see
    Exactly who i'm meant to be
    I'm meant to help others throughout the world
    I'm meant to help those who have been fooled
    I'm here to expose all those terrible lies
    I'm here to save those losing their lives
    It doesnt take much to make me think
    It doesnt take much to make the link
    We can all see the worlds a bad place
    We can all change it and not leave a trace
    Will you stand up for all that is right?
    Dont back down, its your turn to fight.

    SucceededKillerDate: Friday, 2011-01-07, 1:37 PM | Message # 13
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
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    Status: Offline
    War is a breeding ground from which you find death
    It is where so many people will take their last breath
    Being on a battlefield is like being in hell
    But through all that fire you will see a shell
    You can not see whats coming you can only prepare
    You sit with your M16 aimed at the air
    You know you may die, that you may not come home
    But that doesnt bother you as your not alone.
    Your there with your squad mates, all stood in a line
    While crossing the desert you must look for mines
    If you were to die you would not care
    But if your mate was blown up you would be in despair.
    You carry on walking, looking for a sign
    You know that raised ground or wires could end your time
    While you walk carefully a mate rushes on
    You tell him to stop but then you see the bomb
    You can tell most of him is gone from the red mist in the air
    You will find the culprit and give them their share
    But until then you have a mission to do
    The whole of the army is relying on you
    Your the advance squad here to clear the way
    And despite your squads lost you've an important role to play
    As without you the journey would take many days
    And the mourning of your friend would never see the light of day

    SucceededKillerDate: Friday, 2011-01-07, 1:37 PM | Message # 14
    Clan Founder
    Group: Clan Founder
    Messages: 85
    Awards: 3
    Reputation: 0
    Status: Offline
    When people die you must not cry
    for they have left good memories behind
    I know its hard but you must try
    you must not kill yourself inside.
    If they were here what would they say
    if they saw you crying every day?
    They would be upset because you are too
    they would try their best to comfort you.
    But you have friends and thats what their for
    To help you get through and make you cry no more.
    You must be strong and not give up
    You must not decide to stop your love.
    You must keep your feeling strong within
    So they can live on even though their not here.

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